Many of my clients will often ask, “but where do I start?” and although there are many different answers to this question, I typically have one of two answers. Whichever area bothers you the most …or…. your bedroom.

Many professionals will encourage organizing first in the kitchen or the “catch all” room that houses everything from an old treadmill to grandma’s china. In my opinion, If you are feeling that your entire home could use some help, why not try starting where you start every morning – your bed. Get up and make your bed!! Not only will this start your day with a sense of accomplishment – it will start to create a peaceful, put-together feeling in your most intimate space. Your bedroom should be a haven for relaxation. It is where we recharge, relax, and share precious moments. Shouldn’t the look of this room reflect its purpose?

I want you to also remember – decluttering, organizing and making time for things that matter in your life is a personal journey. It is not for your guests, your extended family or the vacuum salesman that comes to the door – it is for YOU. So why not start in the room that is FOR YOU!

So, I encourage you to take 15 minutes today and start in your bedroom.
Make your bed
Take a small trash bin and go around and throw away any trash or old food
Pick up all the clothes of the floor and put them in a laundry basket
Close your dresser drawers
Take anything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom and move it elsewhere (children’s toys don’t belong in their parent’s bedroom, nor do plates, cups or old food)
Pair up your shoes and put them in the bottom of your closet, at the back door, or in a neat row along the wall
Once you start to feel the serenity of your bedroom, you will want to keep it that way. You will wake up feeling refreshed and the first sight in the morning will be an organize and calm one. You will be amazed how this feeling is contagious. You will want to feel this way more often and will want to take baby steps to more decluttering and organizing. Aren’t you worth it? I believe you are!

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