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Bring organization, comfort and efficiency to your home.

During our busy lives, our homes should be a place where we can relax and feel calm.  Many times it is exactly the opposite.  If the clutter or lack of organization has you stressed out, there is a solution. As a professional organizer, I will guide and support you through a manageable step-by-step process to regain your sanctuary.

Steps to Success:

  1. I will provide an initial one-hour consultation to discuss your home organizational needs and goals.
  2. I will create a personalized organizational plan of action with you.
  3. I will provide hands-on organizational assistance to guide you through your plan of action.
  4. I will provide on-going support to ensure your new organizational endeavors continue to suit your needs.o

Initial One-Hour Consultation

I will meet you in your home to discuss your area(s) of concern, your goals for the space, and your current organizational strategies.

Personalized Organizational Plan

I will collaborate with you to provide a comprehensive organizational plan, personalized to your specific situation.  This plan will outline the tasks necessary for becoming more organized and also a plan for ultimate long-term success.

Hands-On Assistance

I will physically work with you to complete your organizational plan. Working with me as a team will make the process of becoming organized more enjoyable and educational. My approach is based in sensitivity to your needs, discretion to maintain privacy, and respect for your possessions.  You will receive guidance and motivation until your organizational project is complete. Outcomes will always be increased peace of mind, decreased stress, and of course, more space and more time.

Ongoing Support

Once your plan has been realized, I will make a follow-up call to ensure your systems and organizational project is everything you expected.  Resources and opportunities for ongoing success will also be available.

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