Real Estate

You’re moving – you’re selling your house. This is serious business and is said to be one of the top five stressful situations in one’s life.  So why not gather the help of some key individuals – one being a professional organizer. Why should you hire a professional organizer to help you get your house

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Is It Worth It?

My husband and I recently returned from scuba diving in colorful Belize, and the subject came up during a coffee date with a friend. We discussed the things that really captured my attention while I was there—the people of Belize, their dwellings, their bright facial expressions, their zest for life (all without the appearance of

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Complete The Cycle

Many professional organizers will claim that procrastination causes clutter and although that may be true, there is another cause I believe to be at the heart of this beast. Yes, I say beast – clutter, if left, takes on a life of its own. How many times do you say, “How did it get this

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Move Mountains
One Routine At A Time

There is a Chinese proverb that reads: “The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”.  Small and quick routines are like those stones.  If we start and then continue to practice small routines it leads to tremendous changes in our lives.  If a person sets a goal of getting healthier, maybe

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Where Do I Start?

Many of my clients will often ask, “but where do I start?” and although there are many different answers to this question, I typically have one of two answers. Whichever area bothers you the most …or…. your bedroom. Many professionals will encourage organizing first in the kitchen or the “catch all” room that houses everything

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The Kitchen Counter
A Magnet For Paper

The kitchen counter is like a butler, waiting to relieve you of your burdens as soon as you walk through the door. “May I take that mail for you, Madam?” “That homework looks heavy, Sir. Allow me.” But, while the counter may serve well in the moment–when you’re in a rush or tired after a

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