About Me

My Philosophy

As our world becomes faster and more complex, it seems as though we have less space and time for the people and keepsakes that matter most to us.  My philosophy at More Space. More Time. is one of teaching, compassion, and ultimate long-term success. My belief is everyone can be organized. Let me teach you organizational and decluttering techniques that will not only save you time and money but also allow for more relaxation and time with loved ones. Let’s collaborate to find ways that make sense to you and your unique situation.

My Story

Even as a young girl I always showed a flare for organization. I loved when things were in order and if they were not, I made it my job to make them that way.

I went on to gain a Bachelor of Science degree and then completed my graduate work as a Speech-Language Pathologist. In working with clients, I was always intrigued and drawn to those who needed structure in their lives, perhaps due to a brain injury or learning disability. I enjoyed teaching them organizational techniques to make their lives easier to navigate. After retiring from the rehabilitation field, I moved to a position of event planning. These events included such functions as medical school graduations, large non-profit fundraisers and various social functions. This also was a natural fit given the high level of organization these tasks require.

It has always been my wish to assist others in achieving their desired level of organization, whether it be in their home, garage, business, office, or other space.  Organizing and helping others achieve this success is my passion!

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Read my blog to learn more about what I do and how I organize.

My Affiliations

I am currently a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. This national association provides many benefits as a professional organizer. I am able to collaborate with other professions across the country, complete ongoing education, receive information on the latest trends and research in the field of professional organizing, and finally be a part of a group who will increase public awareness about organizing and how it is to live a clutter-free life.
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