There are many places in the Yakima area to donate household items, clothing, and other items you have decide to get rid of.  Below are a few resources.


There are four Goodwill locations in the Yakima area.  Please click here to find the location closest to you.  On their website you will also find guidelines regarding what they do and do not accept.

E-cycle & Textile Recycling

Goodwill provides two different recycling services.  E-cycle provides an opportunity to drop off old computers, laptops, TV’s and monitors.  I have found they also take surge protection/battery backup devices and cell phones.  Textile recycling is for any type of clothing or linens that aren’t reusable.  They can be recycled into industrial wiping cloths, sound-proofing and other insulation and more. So along with reusable clothes, gather up your mismatched socks, ripped t-shirts and faded, old sheets and bring them to Goodwill.  For more information on these services, click here.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army has two dropbox locations, one in Yakima and the other in Union Gap.  For specific details and addresses, click here.

YWCA – Persimmon Boutique

The Persimmon Boutique, located in the Westbrook Mall at 40th and Summitview, is run by the YWCA.  It sells sells new & gently used clothing, jewelry, and other accessories.  Donations are always accepted in the rear of the store, and when you donate to the boutique you will receive a store discount good for the next time you shop!  Also located at Persimmon is Working Women’s Wardrobe, which provides low-income women and teens with free professional clothing for job interview

Voices for Children – IDentity Program

Voices for Children has recently started a program called IDentity.  It is a unique approach to matching the clothing needs of children 0-18 yrs of age in foster care with donated resources of gently used apparel items in an appealing retail setting geared exclusively for them.  You can donate your gently used apparel by dropping it off at two locations:

Conover Insurance 125 N 50th Ave, Yakima, WA 98909
Gamache Orthodontics 4114 W Nob Hill Blvd, Yakima, WA 98908

Northwest Center

Northwest Center has a pick-up service in Yakima and various dropbox locations.  Please click here for the location nearest to you or to set up a pick-up.