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Making space and time

Making space and time

for things that really matter


What is Professional Organizing?

Professional organizing is a service to help individuals and businesses design systems and processes using organizing principles.  These systems and processes can be applied both material items and time management.  Items of importance become more efficiently used and stored and time becomes more efficiently scheduled and used.

No situation is ever too big or too small.  I am happy to work with you in a collaborative fashion to develop organizational solutions for your unique situation.  Each organizational project will be approached in a systematic step-by-step process.



More Space. More Time at Home

Whether it is just a small space that is overwhelming or many rooms in your home, we can find solutions to cut the clutter and organize what is most important to you.

More Space. More Time at Work

Do you find that you are losing files, never have enough time to meet deadlines, or haven't seen the top of your desk for months?  Let's work together to find organizational and time management solutions for your commercial area.

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