More Space. More Time.

Because life is too short to keep fighting your stuff.

More Space.
More Time.

Life is too short to keep fighting your stuff.

You want more time for the things you love.

Crazy counters, crammed closets, and constant piles have the power to dominate your life.

So make a change today!

I'm a specialist at decluttering and creating systems to give you the freedom you deserve - for the life you want.

JoAnne is one of the most organized people I have met. Her close attention to detail is evident in the brilliant ideas for arranging and completely transforming my garage and storage room. I can not wait to have her come back to my home and work on more areas soon.

- David H.

JoAnne came to my home to help me organize my kitchen. With JoAnne's knowledge and support I was able to downsize and easily find items needed to work comfortably in the kitchen. It felt so good we continued on to the pantry, husband's den and storage area in the garage. JoAnne has storage solutions I was unaware of and they worked great in my spaces. This experience has motivated me to other areas of my life. I highly recommend More Space More Time.

- Melody P.

JoAnne broke down the process of decluttering into simple manageable steps. It was scary to let go of my things, but JoAnne was empathetic and understanding. She went at my pace and followed my lead each time we met. She helped me set achievable goals for each visit and for my own work between meetings. Thanks JoAnne!

- Rhonda S.

If you have dreamt of living free of clutter and chaos your dream can become a reality if you call JoAnne Hanses. She is an expert at listening to your needs and then helps you with the overwhelming and difficult decisions to achieve your goal. She is hands-on with you every step of the way. Her follow-up was terrific and I know I can reach out to her if I get "stuck" or am facing another overwhelming project. Do yourself a favor, call JoAnne.

- Felip H.

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